‘Tis the Season to Celebrate His Birth

'Tis the Season..

Joy to the world!  The Lord is come.
Let earth receive her King!
Let every heart
Prepare Him room
And heaven and nature sing,
And heaven and nature sing,
And heaven and heaven and nature sing.

What is Christmas? Is it decorating trees with bright lights and shiny ornaments?  What about the catchy Christmas music that plays in all the stores?  Is it exchanging gifts with those we love?  Could the true meaning of Christmas be something more than all of this?

The funny thing is, I’ve known from a young age what the true meaning of Christmas is – a time for us to celebrate the birth of our Savior!  And yet, if I am honest, I’ve always placed the emphasis of Christmas on other things.

As a child, it was about the presents.  I’m ashamed to admit this now, but Christmas usually brought out the selfishness in me.  Every year I was always thankful for all the gifts I received…but if anyone could have see my heart, they would have seen wishes for more toys, more clothes, more gifts, more things.

Once I became older and I was married, my emphasis moved away from me and what I received on Christmas.  The desire that I had to receive so many gifts disappeared.  I mean that’s not what Christmas is about, right?  I was old enough to realize this now.  Instead it became about spending time with loved ones and giving gifts to them.

However, even though I no longer had selfish desires to get, get, get, and was focusing on love, family, and giving – my focus still wasn’t in the right place. It still wasn’t on Christ.

As a Christian, I know what the true meaning of the season is, yet how were my actions showing that?

My husband and I have been talking a lot lately about Christmas and what it will mean to our family.  It is the birthday of our Savior. How will we celebrate?

We’re still trying to sort through the details of how we will celebrate as a family.  We want to prepare our hearts for Christmas with things like Advent and the Jesse tree.  But until we get it all figured out, here are four ways that we have decided to celebrate His birth.

Worship Him

True, sincere worship is such a sweet thing.  It brings me closer to Him.  It makes me aware of Him. It opens my eyes to my depravity and to His grace and glory.

I want to celebrate Christmas by worshipping the King. I want to sing to Him, praise Him, thank Him, and open my heart and my life to Him.

Love Him

“Oh, how I love Jesus, because He first loved me.”  How true this is!  Christ loves us without condition. He’s always loved us and showed that love to us by coming to the earth and dying for us.

I truly cannot comprehend this love, yet the more I become aware of this amazing love, the more my love for Him grows.  It’s a contagious kind of thing!

I want to celebrate Christmas by relishing the fact that Christ loved me enough to come to this earth.  I want to celebrate Christmas by receiving His love and letting that love grow in my heart.

Serve Him

What better way to celebrate the birth of Christ than to serve Him.  He allows us to serve Him, by serving others.

This Christmas I want to celebrate with service.  I want to slow down from my busy life and schedule and show the love of Christ to others.  I want to step out and find practical ways to serve others this Christmas.

Give to Him

When others have birthdays, I give them presents.  When Christ has a birthday, what do I give Him? I read an article this week by Ann Voskamp that spoke to me and convicted me:  Whose Birthday is it Really? It’s worth the read.

I want to celebrate the birthday of my Savior, by giving to Him.  It is His birthday after all.

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How do you celebrate the birth of the Savior?