How I Can Show Integrity Through My Responsible Use of Technology

A Guest Post by Cara

Today, I would like to introduce to you my sweet sister, Cara.  She is a very talented, smart young lady who loves God and has such an amazing spirit.  She is a joy to be around and I am so proud to call her my sister!  She recently won an award at her school for the following article.  I thought that she did such an awesome job that I would share it here for you to read.  Please enjoy!

There are several things which I, as a seventeen-year-old, can do to show integrity through my responsible use of technology. Simply when and where I use technology can show how much integrity I have regarding technology. I must also be cautious of what type of technology I use, or even what I watch, in order to show my responsibility. Since there is a ton of technology at my fingertips everyday–such as a cell phone, iPod, computer, and movies–I must constantly be on guard to make sure I do not misuse technology.

When I’m driving, talking to someone, or eating a meal are just a few times when I should not be using my cell phone at all. The most challenging time for me to refrain from using my cell phone is when I am driving. I have a forty-five minute drive to and from school every day, and to keep from getting bored, it is so tempting for me to pick up my cell phone and start texting people.

Of course, everyone in my family has told me I should not text while driving, but I wanted to know if it was really as bad as they said. I decided to look up some information about it online. The stats I found were very alarming to me. Texting and driving increases the likelihood of causing a car crash by eight times, while drinking and driving only increases it by four times.  Another statistic I found was while a drunk driver going thirty-five miles per hour travels four more feet after the required stopping time, a texting driver travels twenty-five more feet before stopping. After reading how much texting while driving can impair me, I now put my phone in my bag or where I cannot see it every time I drive.

Where I use technology is another important factor of showing my responsible character. For example, during church or when I am sitting through a lecture I should not have my earphones in listening to my iPod. Not only would it be very disrespectful for me to do so, but I would probably be missing out on something that could help me in life. Another place I need to limit my technology use is in school. While laptops can be very helpful for taking notes, they can also be a big distraction for us students. Depending on how I use my laptop during school, it can help me pass my classes, or it can cause me to fail. I can show integrity by using my laptop strictly for school use only while I am at school.

There are many inappropriate videos easily accessible out there which I have a choice of whether to watch or not. According to Dartmouth researchers, movie characters who smoke, regardless of whether they are “good guys” or “bad guys,” influence teenagers to try smoking. This proves that what I watch will influence me to try things I normally would not. Sixty-five percent of high school students admit to watching unsafe, inappropriate, or illegal activities online. One of the ways to prevent myself from doing that is to not watch movies or videos on my laptop in secrecy.

If I use the right technology, in the right place, and at the right time, it can be extremely beneficial to me. However, if I use it wrongly it can be harmful or even fatal to me. By being responsible and using technology at the appropriate time and in the appropriate place I will show my character and integrity and allow technology to help me – not hinder me!

Didn’t she do a great job?  Thank you for sharing your article with us Cara and keep up the good work!