Healthy Eating Series: Introduction

What exactly does it mean to “eat healthy”? This is a phrase that we all hear a lot, yet to different people “eating healthy” can mean drastically different things.

To some people, eating healthy means drinking a Slim-Fast everyday for lunch. To others it means eating low-fat and using Splenda instead of sugar. Some people think that eating healthy means eating vegetarian or vegan. Others insist it means eating everything “raw”.

With so many definitions and schools of thought on the healthy eating issue, how can we decide for ourselves what it really means to eat healthy? Let’s think about this from a different point of view for a moment.

God created man. He designed man with a need for nourishment. Anytime God creates a need, He also creates a way to fill the need. So to fill this need for nourishment, God created many different kinds of food to nourish man’s body. He gave man a wonderful gift by giving him so many wonderful, nourishing, and enjoyable foods.

We acknowledge God’s design for our lives in so many areas, such as our marriage, raising our kids, going to church, treating others well, etc. But did you know that, just as in every other area of life, God has a design and a purpose for the food that we eat too?

For some reason, it seems that it is so easy to ignore (or simply not realize) God’s design for us in the area of food. Why does God care about what I eat? There are two main reasons:

  1. Because He cares about every area of your life and He wants what is best for you!  Do you think it is wrong to smoke? If you do, why? Probably, because of what smoking does to your body and the harmful side effects, right? Well, just as smoking can harm your body, a lot of the “man-made food” that many people consume on a regular basis can be very harmful to your body also.
  2. As we mentioned above, God created you with a need for nourishment, and He also provided you with a way to fill that need.  Man has taken God’s wonderful gift of food and made it so complicated! We have tried to replace and improve what God so graciously gave us. Anytime man tries to improve upon God’s way of doing something, God is not pleased. The results are always frustrating and man is always left wanting for more.

A car is designed to be filled with gasoline. Let’s say one day, you decided to fill the gas tank with gasoline and apple juice instead of just gasoline.  What do you think would happen?  The car would probably still run, but not as efficiently as if you had only put gas in it.  If you continue filling the car with gas and apple juice or orange juice or anything other that just gas, the car is eventually going to have some serious issues!  The car was designed to be filled with gas not apple juice, and you are always going to get less than satisfactory results unless you fill it with what it is meant to be filled with.

Same goes for us!  God designed our bodies to be filled with the food that He created, not the modern day food that man has engineered.

Please join us over the next few weeks, as we discuss this issue of “healthy eating”.  We will be looking at the different nourishing, whole foods that God created for us and talking about why they are good for us, and why we should eat them instead of the engineered, processed food that has been presented to us as “healthy”.  We would love for you to join along with us!

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