Finding Fulfillment in Everyday Tasks: The Most Important Little Things

Sometimes, I get very discouraged with how my days are spent.  I spend the majority of my time each day changing diapers, cleaning up spills and messes, playing peek-a-boo, cooking, and cleaning.  I’m sure you know the drill.

All of these “non-important” jobs often seem tedious and almost meaningless to me.  Mundane tasks have a way of wearing on me, and to be honest there are days that I have a hard time getting through my everyday chores. 

I would rather be out changing the world, than wiping little handprints off the coffee table.

I want to make a difference in this world.  I want to help others.  I want God to use my life!

I desire these things so strongly, that I am sometimes left feeling unfulfilled by my current role as wife/mother/homemaker.  Do you ever feel this way?

The Truth About “The Little Things”

This type of thinking that I am prone to – that what I do as a stay-at-home mom doesn’t matter – is quite dangerous and couldn’t actually be farther from the truth!

The truth is that I am making a difference in this world.  I am helping others.  And God is using my life!

I must realize that when I spend my days doing the dishes, cooking for my family, and cuddling with my son, that I really am doing the important things.  These little things do matter.  These little things are for God’s glory, and they actually matter a lot.  Especially to the little life that God has trusted to my hands.

The following is one of my favorite quotes.  It brings tears to my eyes and really helps me to put things into perspective and have a better attitude.

“To the whole world you’re only someone,
but to someone you’re the whole world.”

Wow.  I need to be reminded of this daily.  My child’s world is much smaller than my world.  The impact that my life has on his is real.  To have such a great influence over another life is exciting, humbling and overwhelming all at once.

The little things that I do everyday are huge to this young child.  I am his only mother.  I can choose to resent that role or I can choose to embrace it.  The choice is up to me.

I want to share this song by Steven Curtis Chapman that has been so encouraging to me when I feel like what I do doesn’t matter.

I continually pray that God will keep my perspective right in this matter.  I certainly need His grace as I spend my days doing the little things that really, truly do amount up to big things!

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Do you sometimes feel like your everyday tasks don’t matter?  Isn’t it great to know that they really do!

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  1. Darcey says:

    I was feeling very much that way today cleaning up my sick baby’s vomit all day and doing load after load of laundry. I stumbled upon this post via your pumpkin eggnog recipe on Pinterest – so glad I did! You are right, we are doing the most important things!

  2. Oh, how I certainly identify with everything you said, Mindy! Do Everything is one of my favorite songs. The Lord really used it to minister to my soul one day (and several other days but I’m recalling one day in particular). I was fed up, burned out, and just wanted to SLEEP! I was just so tired. Mark sent me out on an errand (by myself), and while out, I heard this song for the first time. It broke me, encouraged, and renewed me. So yes, I’ve been there, but I’m also thankful for the awareness that what we are doing matters…probably more than we will ever know!

  3. I actually feel the opposite…..before I had Annie I felt like I was just sorta “nothing.” I didn’t do a job that mattered – I wasn’t popular – I didn’t teach or preach. But when Annie came, I started to realize just how important I was…..and that God would use me on a daily basis – for her and for Barry.
    Children are a blessing in more ways than one – they give you joy, bring you humility, and fulfill you. :-)
    I enjoyed this post very much.

  4. cindy ragland says:

    My kids are grown but i feel the same way about the things i do as a wife. I wonder if the things i do are important or do they matter but i know that God is useing me to touch my husband that everthing i do is a blessing to my husband that God gave me the ability to be a wife.

  5. Oh MIndy :) I enjoyed curling up on the couch to read this post! I am right there with you. My two kiddos and my house and my hubby keep me very busy. And blogging and friends! Taking the time to look at what matters most and find who I MATTER TO the most helps keep our priorities in check. I MATTER THE MOST to my daughters, my husband and my God! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Tara says:

    A friend sent me a link to your post today. I am a homeschooling mother of an 8 year-old and 5 year-old. I am also mom to a 3 month-old. I love that Steven Curtis Chapman song…after the first time I heard it several months ago it became my theme song in life! I really needed that today because I feel like I’ve “accomplished nothing” today….but really, I’ve educated my children and met all of their needs and wants today. I’d rather be doing that for them than someone else!!!!!!

    Thanks :-)

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