Crock On! Winner and a Discount Code


Congratulations to Ela on winning a copy of the awesome cookbook, Crock On! If you were not the winner, you can still pick up a copy of the book for 15% off using code Creating15 through December 7. Crock On includes 40 different wholesome and healthy recipes for the slow cooker, and I am in love with this book.  At less than the price of a latte, it is definitely worth picking up a copy! To read my full review of the book, click here. … [Read more...]

Where This Blog Has Been and Where It Is Going

Creating Naturally

You may have noticed that it's been a bit quiet around these parts lately.  Lately, meaning most of this year! As some of you know, we found out that we were pregnant with our second child this past January.  I felt sick and just not myself for a few months, and then we ended up losing our precious unborn baby who is now in heaven.  This took a lot out of me emotionally and physically, and I needed a break away from blogging. During that break, I decided that I was going to start a graphic design company (check it out here!).  I had been doing a lot of designing for friends, and they … [Read more...]

Goal Setting {Guest Post}

Goal shirt

Today I’m participating in the Ultimate Blog Swap. You’ll find me posting over at Well Rounded Home about 10 Guilt Free Desserts, and I’m excited to welcome Nicole from A Living Sacrifice to The Purposed Heart: It happens every year. I have great intentions. I firmly decide that this year it will work. I am determined with a capital D. But in the end, all that determination gets me about a month’s worth of success. And then I’m a failure. Yup, its my New Year’s Resolutions. How many of you can relate to that scenario? I remember trying to set New Year’s Resolutions even as a child, … [Read more...]

My New Adventure {and a Kindle Fire Giveaway!}

Welcome to the launch

For the past several weeks, I have been working on a project that is a dream come true for me.  And today is the day that I get to share about it with you! I have loved graphic design ever since I can remember.  I love playing with fonts, colors, and different looks.  When I started this blog, I had my first attempt at actually designing a website..and I fell in love with it! Since then, I've designed several ebooks, blogs, websites, banners, graphics, and more for myself and some close friends.  (You can check out my portfolio here!)  It has become my passion.  I believe that graphic … [Read more...]

Lilla Rose Winner and a Huge Ebook Sale


Thank you to everyone who entered the Lilla Rose Flexi-clip giveaway.  The winner was comment #9, Gayl!  Congratulations, Gayl, and I hope you enjoy your Flexi-clip as much as I enjoy mine! For those who entered, but did not win, I am hosting a Flexi-clip party, if you are interested in ordering anything from Lilla Rose.  Feel free to register for the party here and place an order.  The party will last until Friday, April 20. Simplify Your Family Life eBook Sale In other news, there is an ebook sale going on right now that I just had to share with you! Corey from Simple Marriage … [Read more...]

Welcome to Ashlie! A New Contributing Writer


Last week, I had the privilege of introducing Emily to you all as a new contributing writer; this week I’m thrilled to be able to introduce you to Ashlie.  I am so excited that Ashlie is going to be sharing her gift of writing with us!  And by gift, I do mean gift!  Ashlie has been blessed with the gift of words.  Every time I visit her blog (One Small Town Girl), I just sit mesmerized and read and read and read. If you’ve never been to her blog, you should definitely go check it out! I have asked Ashlie to answer the same short little questionnaire so that we could all … [Read more...]

Welcome to Emily! A New Contributing Writer


As I mentioned yesterday, I am beyond excited to introduce you to the new contributing writers that will be joining me here at The Purposed Heart.  These ladies are sure to bless us, teach us, and encourage us. Today, I would like to start off by introducing you to Emily.  She is such a sweetheart and has been a reader here almost from the beginning.  She has encouraged me personally many times, and I am so thankful that she will be able to do the same thing for you now as well! I have asked each of my new contributors to answer a short little questionnaire so that we could … [Read more...]

9 Homemade Gift Ideas: Frugal and Fast

Source: via Mindy on Pinterest   Are you looking for some simple, easy, and frugal homemade gift ideas for Christmas this year?  Join me today at Keeper of the Home as I share 9 Homemade Gift Ideas that definitely fit into the “fast and frugal” category. P.S. My favorite gift idea on this list is number 9 (the last one) – I just love it!  If you know someone whose love language is “quality time” you don’t want to miss this idea! … [Read more...]

Why I Don’t Wear My Shoes in the House


I’ve always known people that took their shoes off at the door upon arriving at home.  To be honest, I always thought that those people were a little weird and maybe a bit obsessive compulsive!  Well, now here I am, with a house of my own to take care of, and guess what.  We take our shoes off at the door upon arriving at home!  Are we weird?  Do we have obsessive compulsive tendencies?  I don’t think so!  We just like to be comfortable and keep our floors clean!  Let me share with you  four reasons why I don’t wear my shoes in the house. 1.  It keeps invisible germs, pesticides, and … [Read more...]

Giveaway: Handmade Ceramic Sponge Holder


THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED Congratulations to Diane G, winner of the beautiful sponge holder! Today, I am so pleased to be giving away a beautiful, handmade ceramic sponge holder!  Mossy Rock Pottery is a family run business that sells their beautiful handmade pottery on Etsy.  David is the craftsman behind these beautiful pieces, and I can tell that he takes great pride and ownership in each item that he makes.  He has made pottery since 1992 and has made it his living since 2003.  His pieces are absolutely stunning to look at and are of the utmost quality also! … [Read more...]